NEW AS OF 4/1/20

APHRODITE, GODDESS OF LOVE (1958, Italy, 100 min.)
Director: Mario Bonnard. Stars: Isabelle Corey, Antonio De Teffè and Irène Tunc.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Window-boxed widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Set in first-century-CE Corinth, has the sculptor Demetrius, faced with a commission to provide the city with a new statue of the goddess and having to choose between two female models—Diala, the Phoenician courtesan, and Lerna, the Christian slave.   $20

QUEEN OF THE NILE (1961, Italy/USA, 97 min.)
Director: Fernando Cerchio. Stars: Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price and Edmund Purdom.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
The daughter of the great priest of Egypt is forced by her father to marry the pharaoh. But she, on the other hand, loves a young man of noble sentiments and will return to him when the royal husband, not even too well with his brain, will suitably die.   $20

THE TROJAN HORSE (1961, Italy, 100 min.)
Director: Giorgio Ferroni. Stars: Steve Reeves, Juliette Mayniel and John Drew Barrymore.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
A retelling of the events leading to the use of the Trojan Horse, to bring down the great city of Troy.   $20

CONQUISTADOR DE LA LUNA (1960, Mexico, 80 min., B&W)
Director: Rogelio A. González. Stars: Antonio Espino, Ana Luisa Peluffo and Andrés Soler.
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English.
A bumbling electrician gets himself caught up on a rocket ship heading towards the moon accompanied by the woman he’s got a crush on – the daughter of the rocket ship’s creator!
Together, these lovebirds entangle with “moon-men” and a floating eyeball that wants to destroy earth! Most likely an idea to cash in on “Abbott & Costello Go To Mars”, with lots of stock footage from other well known sci-fi films of the era such as “Destination Moon” and a brief shot of the star creatures from “Warning From Space”. 

Recently subtitled with no missing parts and in full sync with the dialogue. Thanks as always to our Spanish translator Alberto!    $25

THE BLOOD ROSE (1970, France, 94 min.)
Director: Claude Mulot. Stars: Philippe Lemaire, Anny Duperey, Howard Vernon and Olivia Robin.
Language: English dubbed and French with English subtitles.
Extras: Trailers, Interview with Hubert & Georges Baumann and "On the Set" of The Blood Rose.
A Famous artist becomes obsessed with restoring the beautiful face of his badly burned fiancée, resorting to blackmailing a plastic surgeon into shady operations involving the skin from young girls.

Hubert & Georges Baumann interview (w/English subtitles)
On the Set of The Blood Rose (w/English subtitles)
French Trailer
English Trailer

NOTE: You won't find the Extras with subtitles anywhere else. CFV provided the subtitles for these extras.    $25

LA REDEVANCE DU FANTOM (1965, France, Made-For-TV, 90 min., B&W)
Director: Robert Enrico. Stars: Stéphane Fey, François Vibert and Marie Laforêt.
Language: French. Subtitles: English.
During a walk in the countryside, a young student, Fanning, discovers an abandoned house owned by Captain Diamond, a little old man. The student who succeeds in bonding with the old man, learns that this house is haunted by the ghost of the old man's daughter whose death some years ago was caused by none other than... her father. The girl's ghost apparently rents the house from him and each month he must go to the house to get his pay from the ghost. A rather strange arrangement with the 'other side'. When the old Captain falls ill, he asks young Fanning to go to the house in his place to retrieve his pay.   AKA:  "The Ghostly Rental"    $20

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR (1985, USA, 94 min., Made-For-TV)
Director: Jack Bender. Stars: Jonelle Allen, Shari Belafonte and LeVar Burton.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
Phil, Melissa, Mitch, Mary, and Vinnie are high school friends, who unwittingly raise the dead on Halloween night. Once the dead have returned, Pitchford Cove will never be the same again....or will it? Cast also includes Kevin McCarthy and Dick Van Patten.   $20

JAMES BATMAN (1966, Philippines, 94 min., B&W)
Director: Artemio Marquez. Stars: Dolphy, Shirley Moreno and Boy Alano.
Language: Tagalog. Subtitles: English. Full screen.
An evil syndicate is set to conquer the world, and the mission is to stop them from fulfilling their vicious plans. The solution is sending in their best operatives; James Hika, and the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin.   $18

Good audio and the correct 4:3 aspect ratio.  Other copies floating around have horrible audio or are wrongly 16x9 which stretches the image.

Director: Oliver Drake. Stars: Tony Eisley, John Carradine and Marliza Pons.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
A mummy versus a jackal-man in pursuit of his princess love in the city of Las Vegas.

NOTE: This was mastered from the old VHS release. The picture quality is exactly what the VHS release looks like. It's not that great but because it's very rare and never available on DVD, CFV is offering it for only   $12.00

KING KONG ESCAPES (1967, Japan/USA, 104 min.)
Director: Ishiro Honda. Stars: Rhodes Reason, Mie Hama and Linda Miller.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Dr. Who decides to capture the real King Kong when it becomes clear that his mechanical copy is not capable of digging for the precious mineral he needs, but the giant gorilla escapes and heads to Tokyo to battle it’s mechanical counterpart and stop the evil Dr. Who.

NOTE: This is the original Japanese version which runs 8 mins longer than the U.S. version of only 96 mins.   $18.00

SKULLDUGGERY (1970, USA, 105 min.)
Director: Gordon Douglas. Stars: Burt Reynolds, Susan Clark and Roger C. Carmel.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
An expedition into the jungles of Papua New Guinea comes across a tribe of ape-like people who may or may not be ancestors of early man. However, the influence of modern man is about to have devastating effects upon these lost people.  $18

URSUS IN THE VALLEY OF THE LIONS (1961, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia. Stars: Ed Fury, Moira Orfei and Alberto Lupo.
Language: English dubbed with parts in Italian. Subtitles: English for Italian dialogue. Widescreen.
Upon the destruction of his native village, young Ursus is sent away as an infant and gets raised by lions. A local tyrant, Ayak, is curious to find out about this mysterious strongman living with lions and sets out to capture him. It turns out that Ursus is to be the future leader of Ayak's kingdom, but Ayak isn't going to allow that to happen so easily.    $20

Director: Tito Novaro. Stars: Superzan, Blue Angel, Tinieblas and Tito Novaro.
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English.
A trio of masked Mexican wrestlers take on a mad scientist, killer dwarfs, and a horde of re-animated mummies in Guanajuato.   $25

Recently subtitled by CFV with the help of our translator Alberto.

URSUS IN THE LAND OF FIRE (1963, Italy, 85 min.)
Director: Giorgio Simonelli. Stars: Ed Fury, Luciana Gilli and Adriano Micantoni.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
In ancient times and in totally fantastic places, Lotar, being advised by Hamilkar and his granddaughter Mila, has ambitious aims of conquest over other peaceful neighboring people who are protected by Ursus.   $20

GLADIATORS 7 (1962, Italy 92 min.)
Director: Pedro Lazaga. Stars: Richard Harrison, Loredana Nusciak and Gerard Tichy.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: English over non English segments. Widescreen.
Darius returns to Sparta after having achieved freedom for his bravery in a fight as a gladiator in the Roman circus. Upon reaching Sparta he discovers that his father has been killed by Hiarba. Hiarba also wants to murder Darius to gain power and marry Aglaia, daughter of Milon, who was promised to Darius.   $20

SAMSON AGAINST THE PIRATES (1963, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Amerigo Anton. Stars: Kirk Morris, Margaret Lee and Daniele Vargas.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
A ruthless pirate loots and rages on Spanish sailors and women in the Antilles Sea. Amanda manages to escape and reach the island where Samson reigns. Cape, sword and muscles for an all-in-one blockbuster, from the "Ed Wood" of Italian cinema; Tanio Boccia, under a pseudonym.   $20

BEASTMASTER 2 (1991, USA, 107 min.)
Director: Sylvio Tabet. Stars: Marc Singer, Kari Wuhrer and Sarah Douglas.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Full screen.
Mark Singer returns as Dar, the warrior wo can talk to beasts. Dar is forced to travel through time to stop his evil brother from stealing an atomic bomb and destroying their ancient land.   $20

NEW AS OF 5/21/20

Thanks to Anu  Mitru for Japanese, Italian and German tranlsations!! 

ATRAGON (1963, Japan, 94 min.)
Director: Ishiro Honda. Stars: Tadao Takashima, Yoko Fujiyama and Yu Fujiki.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Extras: Trailer
The Mu empire, an underwater civilization that sank to its present location a millennia ago, proclaims a battle cry to the Earth. The submerged kingdom declares war against all nations, destroying US subs and Japanese ships while causing disasters like earthquakes to befall cities. Humanity's hope falls on a single ship, one originally envisioned to win World War II. That ship, the Gotengo, was an all purpose war machine: capable of air, water and underground combat. Created by Captain Hachiro Jinguji, the man was a patriot, filled with an unbending honor toward his country. Jinguji had revolted against the surrender of Japan in World War II, and ever sense had planned to use the Gotengo as the tide turner when Japan was to remobilize. Jinguji did not see the Mu as the threat he was waiting for. He ultimately realizes their danger after they kidnap his daughter, which sends the Gotengo into action.   $25

Original Japanese Trailer
Unused/Test Footage

THE MYSTERIANS (1957, Japan, 88 min.)
Director: Ishiro Honda. Stars: Kenji Sahara, Yumi Shirakawa and Momoko Kôchi.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Extras: Trailer, Making of.
In Japan, scientifically advanced invaders from the war-destroyed planet Mysteroid cause an entire village to vanish, then send a giant robot out to storm the city by night, after which they request a small patch of land on Earth and the right to breed with earth women, claiming to be pacifists. Mankind must decide whether to capitulate or to resist.    $25

Original Japanese Trailer
Making "The Mysterians" (English subtitled)

RODAN (1956, Japan, 78 min.)
Director: Ishiro Honda. Stars: Kenji Sahara, Yumi Shirakawa and Akihiko Hirata.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Extras: Trailer, 8mm Film.
Ishiro Honda's iconic classic flying monster epic Rodan is among one of the most popular films
from the era of 1950s vintage science fiction Japanese cinema. This is the story of a small village that is besieged by deadly man eating bugs. When Shigeru (played by Kenji Sahara) travels deep down into a local mine shaft to attempt to exterminate these creatures he soon makes an even more terrifying discovery, Rodan, the flying monster!   $25

8mm Home Movie Version
Easter Egg

GHOST MAN (1954, Japan, 73 min., B&W)
Director: Motoyoshi Oda. Stars: Seizaburô Kawazu, Haruo Tanaka and Jôji Oka.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Fullscreen.
A mysterious man who covers his face with bandages and goes by the name “Ghost Man” is killing off beautiful nude models.   $25

RAINBOW MAN (1949, Japan, 81 min., B&W)
Director: Kiyohiko Ushihara. Stars: Keiju Kobayashi, Teruko Akatsuki and Katsuko Wakasugi.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Fullscreen.
When a young woman is named as the prime suspect in a murder, her girlfriend and her girlfriend's boyfriend set out to prove her innocence. Their investigation leads them to an isolated, creepy house in the middle of nowhere, where sinister goings-on abound.   $25

Director: Kiyotaka Taguchi. Stars: Osawa Ken, Fujii Mina and Sano Shiro.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Extras: Trailer
A neat tribute to the Kaiju classics of yesteryear! This will be the most fun 20 mins of your life! A fishing boat is attacked at sea by a gigantic, hairy monster. After examining the sole survivor, scientific adviser Dr Murakami suspects the culprit is a “Keukegen spectre”, a shaggy supernatural beast from Japanese folklore. The announcement leads reporter Hideo Akihara to a forest shrine dedicated to the Keukegen Geharha, where he finds several worshipers and learns that an ancient seal containing the monster has been broken.    $25

Director: Erich Engels. Stars: Theodor Loos, Else Elster and Hans Adalbert Schlettow.
Language: German. Subtitles: English.
During the celebration of her birthday, Irene, along with her father, Robert von Hellberg and three of their dearest friends; Alex, Frank and Tommy, begin to chat of the possibilities of ghosts in such an old castle. Mr. Hellberg then tells the story of the mysterious "Blue room" where, 20 years earlier, two deaths occurred which had never been solved. The youngest of the group, Tommy, who also has a love crush on Irene, comes up with the idea to challenge everyone to a night's stay in the blue room to dispel the legend of mysterious murders. But what happens again, all these years later, becomes another mystery to be solved.
Remade in 1933 by Universal Studios and starring Lionel Atwill. This is the lesser known original available for the first time with English subtitles from CFV.   $25

LA DAMA DE LA MUERTE (1946, Chile, 80 min., B&W)
Director: Carlos Hugo Christensen. Stars: Carlos Cores, Judith Sulian and Guillermo Battaglia.
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English.
Roberto Braun, a young man addicted to gambling, has just lost everything he had in his last gambling bet at the roulette table. Just as he is about to throw himself from London bridge, a stranger named Hugo Clinton intervenes and invites him to join a special club for life’s losers – a suicide club – where the members give up their lives when they are dealt the Queen of hearts, the card they refer to as “the Lady of Death”. Once this card is drawn, the member who has it is given 7 days to live their life to the fullest. When Roberto’s fate is in the Queen of hearts, he tries to escape the club. He meets and falls in love with the beautiful Ofelia, who changes his life around in ways he never imagined. And he plans to marry her. But first he must get away from The Club. He turns to the very man that brought him to the dreaded place, Hugo Clinton, for help getting away and moving on with his new love life. But who can truly be trusted in a suicide club? Based on the story “The Suicide Club” by Robert Louis Stevenson, this enticing melodrama is considered the first ‘horror’ film in Chlie. American film director/producer Jerry Warren took footage from this and another Chilean drama and meshed them together to come up with his B-movie classic “Curse of the Stone Hand”.
NOTE: CFV has made a full-length version of this rare movie by doing a composite. The only decent print of this extremely rare piece of cinema was not properly cared for. The damaged segments cut out entire dialogue scenes. A lesser quality print was used to insert those missing scenes. Then CFV subtitled it. You will notice a difference in quality when the missing scenes show up. But this is currently the only way to see this nearly forgotten South American gem. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!    $20

CTHULHU MANSION (1992, Spain/UK, 95 min.)
Director: Juan Piquer Simón. Stars: Frank Finlay, Marcia Layton and Luis Fernando Alvés.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
A magician’s fascination with forces of the dark side unleashes an acient evil in this supernatural thriller inspired by the works of famed cult author H.P. Lovecraft.    $20

GOLGOTHA (1935, France, 95 min., B&W)
Director: Julien Duvivier. Stars: Harry Baur, Jean Gabin and Robert Le Vigan.
Language: English dubbed & French with English subtitles.
The final days of Jesus from the time he enters the city of Jerusalem. Viewed as a threat, it is decided that he must be captured, tried, and executed as a criminal, a plan aided and abetted by disciple Judas Iscariot. Two versions on 1 disc. French language with English subtitles and English dubbed.   $22

FRANKENSTEIN, ALL’ITALIANA (1975, Italy, 93 min.)
Director: Armando Crispino. Stars: Gianrico Tedeschi, Aldo Maccione and Jenny Tamburi.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Frankenstein brings his American fiancée back to the Frankenstein family castle where they take their wedding vows. But his horny, well-endowed monster will intervene and create complications.
This print is fully uncut and of the best quality obtainable. CFV, with the help of Anu Mitsu's translation service, have added English subtitles. You won't find this one anywhere else with English subtitles, at least not in this full uncut form.   $25