UNHEIMLICHE GESCHICHTEN (1932, Germany, 89 min., B&W)
Director: Richard Oswald. Stars: Paul Wegener, Maria Koppenhöfer and Blandine Ebinger.
A crazed scientist, Morder (Paul Wegener), driven even crazier by his nagging wife, murders her and walls her up in a basement, a la Poe's "The Black Cat".
He then flees as the police and a reporter, Frank Briggs (Harald Paulsen), set out to track him down. Morder eventually escapes from the law by pretending
to be insane and being admitted into an asylum.. Though, here, the patients have managed to free themselves, lock up the guards, and take charge.
After Morder's final escape, he turns up as president of a secret Suicide Club (based on the short story by Robert Louis Stevenson).
The film's story is a merging of three separate short stories, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat", "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" and
Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Suicide Club", set within a story frame of a reporter's hunt for a crazy scientist. It is a black comedy revisiting many of the
classic themes of the horror genre. It was Paul Wegener's first talking movie. AKA "Tales of the Uncanny", "Unholy Tales" and "The Living Dead".  $18.00

DIE UNBEKANNTE (1936, Germany, 87 min., B&W)
Director: Frank Wisbar. Stars: Sybille Schmitz, Jean Galland and Ilse Abel.
Language: German. Subtitles: English (non-removable).
One rainy evening, a dead woman is taken out of the water and taken to the nearest guardhouse. The authorities are unable to identify her. Death seems to
have given her face a look of supernatural beauty . What had she experienced? We shall find out in flashbacks. Fans of German cinema will recognize Schmitz
from her role in Carl Dreyer's 1932 film "Vampyr".   $18.00

THE MAN WHO LAUGHS  (1966, Italy, 93 min.)
Director: Sergio Corbucci. Stars: Jean Sorel, Lisa Gastoni and Ilaria Occhini.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailer.
Italian take on the German classic of 1928 that starred Conrad Veidt in the title role. The theme is basically the same: A boy, kidnapped by gypsies, has his face deformed to be always smiling and thus become a circus attraction. The story is transferred to Italy in the 16th century, in the times of Caesar and Lucrezia Borgia. Here, he is used as a pawn in the treachery of Lucrezia Borgia (Lisa Gastoni) and her brother.  $20.00

THE MYSTIC  (1925, USA, 70 min., B&W)
Director: Todd Browning. Stars: Aileen Pringle,
In Hungary, Michael Nash, an American, meets Anton, a knife thrower and his subject, Zara. Michael is in the lead to take the couple to the United States, to make it a juicy attraction.
It does not take him much time to make Zara the most famous and profitable medium in New York. But the police closely monitor the young woman ...
Mystery and drama fans will be delighted by this story of a young eastern european woman hired to the new world.  $18.00

Note: Although this U.S. made film has it's title cards in English, there are non-removable French subtitles beneath the title cards.

RASPUTIN, DAMON DER FRAUEN  (1932, Germany, 82 min., B&W)
Director: Adolf Trotz. Stars: Conrad Veidt, Paul Otto and Hermine Sterler.
Language: German. Subtitles: English. Fullscreen.
Grigori Rasputin, who in his homeland is strongly attacked by the clergy, comes to St. Petersburg thanks to his healing talents to highest honors.
He ascends to the Czar's most intimate advisor after releasing his son from a serious illness. Only his unrestrained passion for beautiful women is his fate.
Note: There are a few (very few) lines of dialogue which had not been translated. These bits of dialogue do not disrupt the flow of the storyline at all.  $18.00

SODOM AND GOMORRAH  (1922, Germany/Austria, 124 min., B&W)
Director: Michael Curtiz. Stars: Georg Reimers, Victor Varconi and Lucy Doraine.
Language: German title cards with French narration. Subtitles: English.
Exposed to bad influences since childhood, Mary, a young girl is pushed by her mother to approach an elderly banker by the name of Harber.
After almost driving her fiancee to suicide and seducing his mentally-ill son, she realizes through a metaphorical dream the scope of her negligence.  $18.00

(1966, Italy/Germany/Singapore, 90 min.)

Director: Gianfranco Parolini. Stars: Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Barbara Frey.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
After years of hard research, Professor Akron has achieved an overwhelming result. With the help of his invention, the effect of laser beams can be intensified to infinity. In the hands of criminals, however,  this achievement is a deadly weapon and a threat tothe whole world. Joe Walker aka Commissar X and Tom Rowland rush to Singapore to protect the explorer from the "claws of the golden dragon."  $20.00

DEATH TRIP  (1967, Germany/Italy/Hungary, 89 min.)
Directors: Rudolf Zehetgruber and Gianfranco Parolini. Stars: Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Olga Schoberová and Sabine Sun.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailers.
One of Kendall and Harris's best with the boys on the hunt for a treasure of missing LSD that has been stolen by a criminal organization. Their quest eventually
leads the boys to far-off desert oil ruins where much of the film's best action occurs.


COMPARTIMENT TUEURS (1965, France, 90 min.) BD/DVD Combo
Director: Costa-Gavras. Stars: Yves Montand, Catherine Allégret, Jacques Perrin and Simone Signoret.
Language: English dubbed (DVD) and French (BD). Subtitles: English (BD). Widescreen + Full screen. Extras: Trailer.
Six people travel in a railroad sleeping car from Marseilles to Paris. Upon their arrival, a woman is found dead in one of the berths. The police investigate the other five  passengers, suspecting that one of them committed the homicide, but the suspects are killed one by one. The last two must solve the case themselves before they become the next victims. AKA: "The Sleeping Car Murder".

Original French version with English subtitles
2.35:1 aspect ratio
Original French trailer

U.S. English dubbed version "The Sleeping Car Murder"
4:3 Full  screen


SPERMULA (1976, France, 108 min.)
Director: Charles Matton. Stars: Dayle Haddon, Udo Kier and François Dunoyer.
Language: French. Subtitles: English (non-removable). Widescreen. Extras: Trailers.
Four years after the beautiful and intimate "L'Italien des Roses", Matton thus embarks on this almost surrealist film: "Love Is A River in Russia ..." (the film's original title).Horrified by a result that is far too intellectual, the producers and distributors had decided to rename the movie “Spermula”, after the lead character and leader of the extraterrestrials who came to a bourgeois village to take the seed of men to prevent them from procreation and to dominate the world. Here men are helpless or submissive (Udo Kier in the lead). And women lead the boat, aspiring the life force of men and thereby casting a spell on humanity. A feminist approach that is exciting and totally unique for the time.

Blu-ray Contents:
Original French version with English subtitles
French Trailer
English Trailer
Running time: 108 min.
Quality: 10/10

DVD Contents:
The U.S. English dubbed re-edit which turns this psychedelic classic into a sex-comedy.
Running time: 87 min.
Quality: 7/10

This version is even more rare than it's original French counterpart. Taken from the best possible VHS source obtainable at the time.
Image quality is not up to par with what we all expect, so consider this to be an added bonus version of the film.   $25

BLOODMOON  (1990, Australia, 104 min.)
Director: Alec Mills. Stars: Leon Lissek, Christine Amor and Ian Williams.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailers.
A serial killer is loose at an all girl school, where he strangles girls with a piece of barbed wire.  $20

FATAL BOND  (1991, Australia, 90 min.)
Director: Vincent Monton. Stars: Linda Blair, Jerome Ehlers and Donal Gibson.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Full screen.
Small town hairdresser Leonie Stevens (Linda Blair) is instantly attracted to mysterious drifter Joe Martinez (Jerome Ehlers). Leonie packs her bags and heads south with Joe,
who says he’s going to set up a car business with his brother Jack. En route, Joe seduces teenager Bree Boon (Penny Pederson), who is later found murdered. Her strictly
religious father, Anthony (Stephen Leeder), starts his own investigation into Bree’s death and stumbles on Leonie at the site of another murder linked to Joe. Meanwhile, Jack
has disappeared and it seems his business associates, Rocky Borgetti (Donal Gibson) and Claw Miller (Joe Bugner), know more than they’re saying. Leonie suspects Joe is a
serial killer and decides to leave him.  $20

SCREAMTIME  (1983, UK/USA, 90 min.)
Director: Michael Armstrong. Stars: Vincent Russo, Michael Gordon and Marie Scinto.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailers.
A trilogy of three improbable stories of horror and the supernatural are combined into this cult thriller: "That's the Way to Do It," "Dreamhouse," and "Do You Believe in Fairies?".   $20

LOVE, LUST AND ECSTASY (1981, Greece, 90 min.)
Director: Ilias Mylonakos. Stars: Ajita Wilson, Mireille Damien and Danilo Micheli.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Sensationally beautiful and sensuous Sara is married to fabulously rich shipowner Ari, but gets no sexual satisfaction from their marriage.  At their palatial Greek home she has a torrid affair with a handsome young portrait painter and Ari’s attractive secretary Teresa also becomes involved in a dangerous three-way relationship. Ari hires a detective to spy on his wife - but, loaded with evidence, the detective extracts payment in kind by raping Sara. Teresa, becoming jealous of Sara's attachment to the painter, accidentally shoots Sara in a struggle, hides the evidence and tries to claim him for herself. But Fate, and a suspicious detective, have other ideas.  $20

ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS (1969, Italy, W. Germany, Thailand, 85 min.)
Director: Roberto Mauri. Stars: Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Monica Pardo.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Female American tourists are being kidnapped by a crime ring headed by a beautiful Asian woman. They’re drugged and then sent to an island where they are kept as sex slaves
to be used by wealthy tourists. Agent Jo Walker and Captain Tom Rowland are dispatched to rescue the women and put an end to this operation.
AKA: "Kommissar X - Drei goldene Schlangen" and "Three Golden Serpents".



FRANKENSTEIN VS BARAGON (1965, Japan, 93 min.)
Director: Ishiro Honda. Stars: Tadao Takashima, Nick Adams and Kumi Mizuno.
Language: Japanese. Subtitles: English. Widescreen. Extras.
The heart of Frankenstein (now the name referring to the monster itself) makes its way from Germany to Japan. Without much explanation, the heart somehow grows into a human subject. And this subject keeps growing...and growing. As if this confusion wasn't enough, a subterranean dinosaur called 'Baragon' gets awakened out of nowhere and stomps across parts of Japan. Giant sized Frankenstein and Baragon faceoff in a battle to the death.

English subtitles (non-removable)
Original Japanese Trailer
Japanese Teaser Trailer
Alternate Ending
Alternate Scene Footage Shots



ADRENALINE - THE FILMS (1990, France, 70 min.)
Director: Various. Stars: Various unknown.
Language: French. Subtitles: English. Full screen.
In a desert, a staggering blind man gets his cane caught in the fangs of a trap. By crawling, he reaches a line made up of other blind people who are waiting in front of a cinema hall. Their various thoughts will be put into images by the twelve other sketches that make up the film; A hallucination on a metro train, a graveyard of automobiles with their drivers still behind the wheel, a strange 'game' in order to win a house owned by an elderly couple, a man tortured to tell another man where his former lover is and several other strange short films compiled herein.  $20

THE BELLMAN (1945, France, 85 min., B&W)
Director: Christian-Jaque. Stars: Fernand Ledoux, Renée Faure and Madeleine Robinson.
Language: French. Subtitles: English.
In the 19th century, Jean-Baptiste, known as "the bellman", is a kind of sorcerer who lives in the mountains. One evening, he murders a traveler to steal his money and shares it with the father of the one he loves, Catherine. But Catherine loves another man, Pierre, who is forced to get engaged with the daughter of a rich innkeeper. This is when The Bellman feels he can make his
move to win her for himself.   $15

THE DEVIL’S CIRCUS (1926, USA, 75 min., B&W)
Director: Benjamin Christensen. Stars: Norma Shearer, Charles Emmett Mack and Carmel Myers.
Language: English Title Cards.
A man (Charles Emmett Mack) falls in love with a former trapezist (Norma Shearer) victimized by a jealous woman (Carmel Myers). 

THE KILLER IS ON THE PHONE (1972, Italy/Belgium, 93 min.)
Director: Alberto De Martino. Stars: Telly Savalas, Anne Heywood and Antonio Guidi.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
In Bruges, the theater actress Eleanor Loraine returns from a trip and falls victim to total amnesia after accidentally meeting a mysterious bald and elegant man. In the trauma, the woman also lost all memory of the death of her partner Peter, which occurred years before. Assisted by her husband George, her sister Dorothy and other friends and specialists, Eleanor tries to return to herself, confused by fragments of memories that gradually begin to resurface in her fragile mind, while the mysterious man reveals himself for a killer who starts to persecute her with the intent to kill her ...

Two versions on 1 disc:   $25

Director: Allan Dwan. Stars: Ron Randell, Debra Paget and Elaine Stewart.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen and Full screen.
A wrongfully accused man escapes prison during a cobalt explosion and soon discovers he has grown a special power that makes his body impervious to everything. Learning this, he seeks vengeance on the bad guys who framed him for jail.
Note: The Widescreen version is taken from a satellite TV airing (not everyone gets every channel which is why I am offering this version) and may contain TV station logos. The Fullscreen version is good quality overall but appears dark. It was taken from an old 90’s VHS.  Quality: WS version 9/10, FS version 8/10


MUMMY’S BOYS (1936, USA, 68 min., B&W)
Director: Fred Guiol. Stars: Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey and Barbara Pepper.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
Stanley Wright (Wheeler) and Aloysius C. Whittaker (Woolsey) are a couple of lazy ditch diggers who decide to take ditch digging to the next level, as it were, by responding to an ad for “scientific excavators.” They find themselves headed to Egypt as part of an archaeo-logical dig, headed by Phillip Browning and his daughter Mary. Browning actually plans to return artifacts uncovered during a previous trip, because many scientists involved in that dig have already died due to the tomb’s “curse.” Mystery men are following our heroes around in their Cairo hotel, so Browning asks Wright and Whittaker to complete the mission should something happen to him. He gives the boys instructions and a map to the infamous tomb, which turns out to be the setting for the film’s predictable climax. 

THE PHANTOM OF THE MOULIN ROUGE (1925, France, 70 min.)
Director: René Clair. Stars: Albert Préjean, Sandra Milovanoff and Paul Ollivier.
Language: English title cards.
Deputy Julien is head over heels in love with Yvonne, but she rejects him. In desperation, he turns to a spiritualist in Moulin-Rouge, who separates his body and mind so that he can watch his beloved unnoticed. He detects that her father is the victim of blackmail, for which she is deeply ashamed. As a phantom, he ensures that everything comes to terms and returns to his body.  $15

TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1972, Spain/Portugal, 101 min.) – BDR
Director: Amando De Ossorio. Stars: Lone Fleming, César Burner and María Elena Arpón.
Language: Spanish and English optional. Subtitles: English optional. Extras.
A modern-day tourist trip to the ruins of the Templar monastery unleashes a legion of Knights Templar - executed horsemen whose eyes had been pecked out by crows - who rise rotting from their graves, hunting only by sound in a quest for human flesh.

Original U.S. Trailer
Return of the Evil Dead Trailer
Photo Gallery
Alternate U.S. Opening Title      $25