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4 FLIES ON GREY VELVET (1971, Italy, 104 min.) - BDR
Director: Dario Argento. Stars: Michael Brandon, Mimsy Farmer and Jean-Pierre Marielle.
Langauge: English/Italian options. Subtitles: English (optional).
Extras: Interviews, trailers, photo gallery.
A musician is stalked by an unknown killer who's blackmailing him for an accidential killing of another stalker. But is everything what it appears to be?   $25

A BLACK RIBBON FOR DEBORAH (1974, Italy, 110 min.)
Director: Marcello Andrei. Cast: Bradford Dillman, Marina Malfatti, Gig Young.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
A young woman with psychic powers is obsessed with having a child. Even though she is unable to conceive, her desire to do so creates a supernatural force determined to fulfill her wishes. Original title: “Un Fiocco nero per Deborah”.  

A TASTE FOR FEAR (1988, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Piccio Raffanini. Cast: Virginia Hey, Gerard Darmon, Gioia Scola, Dario Parinini.
Laguage: English. Subtitles: Dutch. Fullscreen.
Diane is a fashion photographer whose beautiful models are turning up dead by a serial killer. Original title: “Un Sapore di Paura”, AKA: “Obsession: A Taste For Fear”.  

Director: Joe D’Amato (as David Hills). Cast: David Haughton, Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti.
Language: English. Subtitles: Dutch. Widescreen.
The deranged Roman emperor Gainus 'Caligula' Caesar (12-41 A.D.) rules Rome with an iron fist and has anyone tortured and exectued for even the slightest insubordination. Mostly set during his last year of his reign, as Caligula loses support due to his brutal and crazed excess, a young Moor woman, named Miriam, becomes his lover while ploting to kill him to avenge the murder of a friend which Caligula was responsible for. But Miriam is torn between her personal vandeda against Caligula and her own personal feelings towards him despite his madness and debauched lifestyle of orgies and bloody torture murders.  

CRIES AND SHADOWS (1976, Italy, 89 min.)
Director: Elo Pannaccio. Cast: Richard Conte, Francoise Prevost, Patrizia Gori, Jean-Claude Verne.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Japanese. Widescreen.
When a family moves into a home built on top of a cave that was once a place of Satanic rituals, the young son is eventually possessed and the typical foul-mouthed “Exorcist” ripoff fiasco begins. Original title: “Un urlo nelle tenebre” AKA: “Naked Exorcism”, “Return of the Exorcist”.  $18

BALI (1970, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Paolo Heusch and Ugo Liberatore. Cast: John Steiner, Laura Antonelli and Umberto Orsini.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Glenn and his friend Carlo arrive in Bali and soon encounter both mysticism and passion when they get involved with the beautiful Daria and Brigitte.  

CHRISTIANA, THE DEVIL NUN (1972, Italy, 102 min.)
Director: Sergio Bergonzelli. Cast: Toti Achilli, Magda Konopka, Vassili Karis, Jerry Ross.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Greek. Fullscreen.
After a brush with potential death during a plane flight in a thunderstorm, Christiana promises to herself and to God that she will change her life for the Lord if the plane survives. It does. And she joins a nunnery where she has a very difficult time holding to her word. Lots of sexual escapades are going on in the nunnery. Original title: “Cristiana moaca indemoniata”, AKA: “Our Lady of Lust”.  $18

DAMNED IN VENICE (1978, Italy, 95 min.)
Director: Ugo Liberatore. Cast: Renato Cestiè, Rena Niehaus and Yorgo Voyagis.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Dutch. Widescreen.
A blind teenager named Mark is having nightmarish visions about a man who wants to impregnate his sister with the child of Satan. An interesting Italian giallo with gore and nudity. Original title: "Nero veneziano". AKA "Venetian Black".  $18

CALIGULA AND MESSALINA (1981, Italy/France, 107 min.)
Directed By: Antonio Passalia and Jean-Jacques Renon. Stars: Gino Turini, Betty Roland, Kathy Sadik, Vladimir Brajovic and Françoise Blanchard.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Caligula and Messalina stars John Turner this time as the deranged Roman Emperor, who is having an affair with his sister, makes his beloved horse a Senate and gruesomely tortures conspirators to death. His other lover Agrippina wants her son Nero to eventually become Emperor - and starts plotting his death. Meanwhile, Messalina (played by the sexy Betty Roland) is also plotting away with her Mother, in order to become Empress of Rome, and brings herself to Caligula's attention as a gladiator. Caligula falls in love with Messalina, who Agrippina describes as a cheap little trollop, but when she over hears a new plot to get rid of the deranged Emperor, she sets her lustful sights on Claudius instead, the next in line to rule. With Caligula dead and Claudius in power, Messalina becomes Empress and starts sleeping with everyone in Rome...  

CHALLENGE THE DEVIL (1963, Italy, 85 min., B&W)
Director: Giuseppe Veggazzi. Cast: Christopher Lee, George Ardisson and Bella Cortez.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Filmed in Odescalchi Castle and Lake Bracciano near Rome. A group of dropouts find an old man (Lee) in a castle. The old man subsequently turns into the Devil and seizes them.  $18

CROSS OF THE SEVEN JEWELS, THE (1987, Italy, 86 min.)
Director: Marco Antonio Andolfi. Cast: Marco Antonio Andolfi, Annie Belle, Gordon Mitchell.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Dutch. Fullscreen.
Cursed by a Satanic priest at birth, Marco becomes a werewolf with each full moon. The only way to stop from becoming a killing beast is to wear a special amulet given to him by his mother. But when the amulet is stolen, Marco must track it down before it’s too late. Original title: “La croce dale sette pietre”.  $18

CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1964, Italy, 91 min. B&W)
Director: Luciano Ricci, Lorenzo Sabatini and Michael Reeves. Cast: Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland, Gaia Germani and Philippe Leroy.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Count Drago (Christopher Lee) invites over entertainers to his castle, but what the people don't know is that Drago mummifies animals and humans!  

DANGEROUS WOMEN (1989, Italy, 94min.)
Director: Luigi Russo. Cast: Lisbeth Hummel, Beatrice Palme.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitled Japanese. Fullscreen.
A wheelchair bound woman is being stalked in her home by her servants. In order to break free from their vicious plans, she boobie traps her house.  $18

DISTANT LIGHTS (1987, Italy, 89 min.)
Director: Aurelio Chiesa. Cast: Tomas Milian, Laura Morante, William Berger.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Japanese. Widescreen.
Alien spirits from outer space land on earth and take over the bodies of the recently deceased--but their purpose isn't what it would appear to be. Original title: “Luci lontane”.

ETOILE (1989, Italy, 101 min.)
Director: Peter Del Monte. Cast: Jennifer Connelly, Gary McCleery and Laurent Terzieff.
Laguage: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
An American ballerina arrives in Hungary to enroll in a ballet school and it soon becomes apparent that things are not what they seem. A very rarely seen film, never released in the USA. This film could very well have been the inspiration for the 2010 film “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman.

FORMULA FOR A MURDER (1985, Italy, 96 min.)
Director: Alberto De Martino. Cast: Christina Nagy, David Warbeck, Carroll Blumenburg.
Language: English. Subtitles: Japanese. Widescreen.
As a young girl, Joanna was raped and crippled by a psycho dressed as a priest. Now, as an adult, she’s getting by quite well and plans on marrying her love, Graig. Too bad she’s unaware that Graig and her best friend Ruth are planning to do away with Joanna to inherit her fortune. Original title: “7 Hyden Park: la casa maledetta”.

GHOST, THE (1963, Italy, 97 min.)
Director: Riccardo Freda. Cast: Barbara Steele, Peter Baldwin and Leonard Elliot.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
A woman and her lover murder her husband, a doctor. Soon, however, strange things start happening, and they wonder if they really killed him, or if he is coming back from the dead to haunt them.  $15

GHOSTS, ITALIAN STYLE (1967, Italy/France, 104 min.)
Director: Renato Castellani. Cast: Sophia Loren, Vittorio Gassman, Mario Adorf.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Pasquale and Maria, husband and wife, live in a palace supposedly haunted by ghosts.

7 DWARFS TO THE RESCUE, THE (1951, Italy, 85 min., B&W)
Director: Paolo W. Tamburella. Stars: Rossana Podestà, Roberto Risso and Georges Marchal.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Full screen.
Snow White lives happily in her castle with the prince, her husband, when the news arrives that the duke Bernard attacked the kingdom. It is a trap from those who are intent on taking Snow White as a prisoner after the prince's departure for war. A dream has revealed to the seven dwarves the danger to which their dear princess is exposed, and they come to her aid.   $15

BODY COUNT (1986, Italy/USA, 86 min.)
Director: Ruggero Deodato. Stars: Bruce Penhall, Mimsy Farmer and David Hess.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
A fun-loving gang of college kids explore the Colorado wilderness during their long summer vacation. But at a campsite managed by the mysterious Robert and his wife, Julia, they are told of an old Indian legend of the Shaman – half man, half beast. When strange noises in the night suddenly become terrifying reality, the campers realize that the legend is true. This horrifying tale of murder and mayhem twists and turns as fast as the bodies drop and the thrilling climax is guaranteed to make even the toughest squirm!

CALIGULA'S SLAVES (1984, Italy, 84 min.)
Director: Lorenzo Onorati. Stars:  Robert Gligorov, Sandra Venturini and Aldo Ralli.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Greek. Widescreen.
Young, sadistic and uncharacteristically introspective Caligula falls for a black slave girl who serves as exotic dancer at his court. However, she's secretly working for his cousin who plans to overthrow him. Will love conquer all?

CARNALITA (1974, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Alfredo Rizzo. Stars: Femi Benussi, Jacques Stany and Mario Pisu.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none.
A businessman cheats a count out of his seaside castle. He moves his sickly wife to the castle and while she's terminally ill and bed-ridden, he proceeds to freely philander with his wife's nurse, who actually falls in love with the cad, with his sexy blonde secretary, and with a young college girl, who is part of group students hanging around the beach whom he takes sailing on his yacht while his ailing wife and love-struck mistress are stuck at home. He gets his comeuppance though when one of the women he has wronged basically decides to screw him to death. She is the daughter of the old evicted count.

Director: Paolo Cavara. Stars: Giancarlo Giannini, Barbara Bach and Barbara Bouchet.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English.
Extras:  U.S. Trailer,  German Trailer, Photo Gallery.
A psychopath kills a woman in cold blood by first paralyzing her with insect venom and then skillfully gutting her. The horror is that she is still fully conscious but motionless, and must watch her own agonizing murder. Inspector Tellini, still new in his position, will be tasked with the investigation. He suspects the woman's husband, Paolo. But almost immediately Tellini has a second murder in the same fashion, this lady victim was engaged in drug trafficking. And there are other victims, Tellini and his wife get into the net of the murderer - until the trail finally leads to a massage parlor and the merciless showdown.  $25

DEVILS OF MONZA (1987, Italy, 98 min.)
Director: Luciano Odorisio. Cast: Myriem Roussel, Alessandro Gassman. Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Sister Virginia teaches and prays behind the austere convent walls. Her pristine saintly lifestyle satisfies every passion but one … she needs a lover! Her lustful desires are fulfilled by a villager who visits her at night. Soon after, when the cries of a baby are heard in the convent, a wave of murders spark. Original title: “La monaca di Monza”.

HANSEL AND GRETEL (1990, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Giovanni Simonelli. Stars: Elisabeth Pimenta Boaretto, Lucia Prato and Ronald Russo.
Language: Italian, Subtitles: English.
"Hansel e Gretel" (Never Hurt Children) is a modernization of the fairy tale - Hansel and Gretel are going home through the forest, and on their way they are kidnapped by a gang that sells body organs to the rich in need of a transplant. A Lucio Fulci presentation.

IL DEMONIO (1963, Italy, 94 min. B&W)
Director: Brunello Rondi. Cast: Daliah Lavi, Frank Wolff, Anna Maria Averta.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
A young peasant from the South of Italy, is considered by the people to be possessed and a witch. Pre-dating “The Exorcist” by a decade and being the first possession film in which the possessed character does that infamous ‘spider-walk’. AKA: “The Demon”.

ISABELLA, DUCHESS OF THE DEVILS (1969, Italy/W. Germany, 91 min.)
Director: Bruno Corbucci. Cast:Brigitte Skay, Mimmo Palmara, Fred Williams.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands, and his title. Isabella, the Duke's baby child, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge. Original title: “Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli”, AKA: “Ms. Stiletto”.

KISS OF A DEAD WOMAN, THE (1974, Italy, 103 min.)
Director: Carlo Infascelli. Stars: Peter Lee Lawrence , Riccardo Garrone , Silvia Dionisio and Elsa Vazzoler.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. 16x9
Poisoned by her husband at the insistence of his lover, a young countess in an apparent state of death awakens to her stepbrother's kiss. At the trial the perpetrators of the attempted murder are condemned; the husband reconciles with his bride. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Carolina Invernizio.  $25

KYRA: THE LADY OF THE LAKE (1979, Italy, 77 min.)
Director: Enzo G. Castellari. Stars: Leonora Fani, Patricia Adriani, Vincent Gardenia and Wolfgang Soldati.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English.
When Lillian was a young girl, her mother was pulled into a lake by a mysterious hand.  Now a grown woman,Lillian returns to the place where she grew up  and to the lake where her mother disappeared. Strange things surround this place and Lillian soon discovers there is a supernatural force to blame.Although subtitled in English, some scenes are missing translation and therefore remain in Italian only.

Video quality is about 7/10 but overall not the worst. CFV offers this due to it's extreme rarity.   $18

L'ATTRAZIONE (1987, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Mario Gariazzo. Stars: Florence Guérin, Marino Masé and Martine Brochard.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English.
Nadine, a sensual fashion photographer, is lured to a lingerie photo shoot at Victor's villa. When the shoot ends, Victor offers to play chess -- with the winner gaining control over the loser's body and life. English title: "The Attraction" and aka: "Top Model" (not to be confused with the Joe D'Amato film also called "Top Model".)

LA GATTA IN CALORE (1972, Italy, 89 min.)
Director: Nello Rosatti. Stars: Eva Czeremys, Silvano Tranquilli and Anthony Fontane.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
On his return from one of his usual business trips, engineer Antonio discovers in his own garden, the inanimate body of Massimo, a young painter. Anna, Antonio's wife, confesses to the crime. After hiding the body under a pile of leaves, Antonio listens to his wife's story of what happened. Tired of the loneliness in which her husband's frequent trips left her and almost to spite him, Anna had been intrigued by Massimo and indulged in an extra-marital affair with him. Dedicated to drugs, accustomed to the frequent company of women, Massimo was soon tired of Anna, he had betrayed her, humiliated her and introduced her to his wild friends to take drugs. Reduced to the end, after a last affront, she had shot him. When his wife's account is finished, Antonio confesses to her that he has always known about his relationship with Massimo, but that he has tolerated her, recognizing in the young man a valid substitute for those marital tasks that he no longer felt to absolve. It is now evening, and Antonio would like to get rid of Massimo's body. But the body seems to have disappeared.  $25

LADY OF THE LAKE (1965, Italy, 95 min. B&W)
Director: Luigi Bazzoni and Franco Rossellini. Cast: Peter Baldwin, Salvo Randone and Valentina Cortese. Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
When a visitor arrives in a small Italian village, he discovers that the residents are acting like soul-less zombies--and he begins to suspect that they may be under the influence of a mysterious local woman. Aka “The Possessed”, original title: “La donna del lago”.

LUCREZIA GIOVANE (1974, Italy, 80 min.)
Director: Luciano Ercoli. Stars: Simonetta Stefanelli, Massimo Foschi and Ettore Manni.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Simonetta Stefanelli performers as the pitiless Lucrezia Borgia in Luciano Ercoli's take on the Borgia household. During the early 15th century, Italy is governed by the mighty Borgia family, headed by Cesar Borgia and his sister Lucrezia. In a ruthless power play, Cesare plots to have his sister's spouse murdered. But lacking her brother's understanding, Lucretia has taken a durable lover who will challenge the Borgias, but Cesar's love for her will once again contribute to the decline of Lucrezia's partner and unite the two in an incestuous connection.

MURDER BY MUSIC (1969, Italy/Spain, 90 min.)
Director: Julio Buchs. Stars: Brett Halsey, Marilo Tolo, Fabrizio Moroni and Romania Power.
Language: English dubbed.
In the city of London, several people committed unexplained suicides and a certain piece of music has something to do with it all.

MURDER CLINIC, THE (1966, Italy, 75 min.) BDR
Director: Elio Scardamaglia. Cast: William Berger, Françoise Prévost and Mary Young. 
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: English. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer
A razor wielding maniac is killing young beautiful women in the hopes of restoring beauty to his disfigured sister-in-law who ‘accidentally’ fell into a vat of quick lime. Some suspect that the killer is the very doctor who runs the clinic, others suspect it could be his wife. You be the judge in this rarely seen Italian gore classic.  $25

NIGHT OF THE SEXUAL DEMONS (1971, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Flippo Walter Ratti. Cast: Pierre Brice, Patrizia Viotti and Angela De Leo.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
A witch maintains herself young by killing all the members of a noble family. But the intervention of the famous journalist Jean Duprey will put an end to her crimes. Original title: “La notte dei dannati” AKA: “Night of the Damned”.

NUDE FOR SATAN (1974, Italy, 90 min.) – Longer import print with 12 mins of XXX scenes not available in the U.S. DVD release.
Director: Luigi Batzella. Cast: Rita Calderoni, James Harris and Renato Lupi.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Italian Gothic horror that tells the tale of a man who stops at a remote castle hoping to get medical help for an injured woman, only to find the inhabitants mirror the darker sides of the woman and himself.

NUDE PRINCESS, THE (1976, Italy, 94 min.)
Director: Cesare Canevari. Cast: Ajita Wilson, Tina Aumont, Luigi Pistilli and Jho Jenkins.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Cult movie actress and real life transsexual, Ajita Wilson stars as an African diplomat who goes to Milan to head a trade delegation. But we eventually learn the secrets of her racy past as lust unfolds in almost every scene.

RED MONKS, THE (1988, Italy, 88 min.)
Director: Gianni Martucci. Stars: Gerardo Amato, Lara Wendel and Malisa Longo.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none.
A newlywed couple move into an old castle and before long the wife grows suspicious of her husband’s constant disappearances deep into the environs of their new home. She decides to investigate. What she discovers horrifies her... she comes face to face with an ancient cult of devil worshipping monks. Descendants of the Knights Templar. This secret society of Satanists perform their rituals in the castle’s deep, dark catacombs as they seek out the blood of virgins for their sadistic sacrifices.

SEDDOK (1960, Italy, 103 min., B&W)
Director: Anton Giulio Majano. Stars: Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret and Sergio Fantoni.
Language: Italian/English. Subtitles: English.
A scientist who is studying the effects of nuclear bomb explosions on victims falls for a woman whose face was destroyed in a car accident. He restores her face, then must keep killing young women to obtain the cells he needs to keep her face beautiful.
This is the complete 102 minute version of the film as originally released in Italy and Europe. The U.S. cut of the film entitled “Atom Age Vampire” runs only 86 minutes.  $25

SEVENTH GRAVE, THE (1965, Italy, 95 min. B&W)
Director: Garibaldi Serra Caracciolo. Cast: John Anderson, Nando Angelini and Edward Barret.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
An American family travels through Scotland on their way to an old castle of the late Sir Reginald for the reading of his will.  At the castle they meet the other relatives, and during a black ritual they evoke the spirit of Sir Reginald, also to discover the hideaway of his treasure hidden. But is Sir Reginald really dead? Or is he alive and hiding out somewhere in the castle, killing and using the bodies for his experiments to cure leprosy? A very rare film indeed. Image quality is 7.5/10   $15

Director: Roberto Mauri. Stars: Camille Keaton, Riccardo Salvino and Maria Teresa Piaggio.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Madeleine, a young, beautiful yet disassociated woman keeps having a reacurring nightmare of being taunted by a group of witches who, under the disguise of multi-colored wigs, seem to resemble her very own face. They bring her to a pyre where they burn a baby doll which sets off poor Madeleine to scream herself awake. What is the meaning of this dream? And why is Madeleine insistant on having a child? Things comes to a surprising twist between Madeleine, Dr. Schuman and a handsome young Swiss man named Thomas.


Director: Mel Welles. Stars: Rosalba Neri, Joseph Cotton, Paul Muller and Herbert Fux.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
The Baron's daughter creates for herself a 'perfect man' from the brain of her late father's assistant and the body of the well-built village idiot. But she has other issues - her late father's creature is stalking about, killing and causing havoc.
*This is the full uncut version never before released to a home video format in an English version.
*Extras are on the Blu-Ray only. DVD is just the feature film. 10/10   $25

BLU-RAY extras:

SEX OF THE WITCH (1973, Italy, 80 min.)
Director: Angelo Pannacciò. Cast: Susanna Levi, Jessica Dublin, Camille Keaton, Donald O’Brien and Sergio Ferrero. Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
An archaeology student discovers a strange medallion. It turns out that the medallion is inhabited by a female succubus, who takes possession of him and forces him to commit a series of murders. Original title: “Il sesso della strega”

SO YOUNG, SO LOVELY, SO VICIOUS (1975, Italy, 83 min.)
Director: Silvio Amadio. Cast: Gloria Guida, Dagmar Lassander, Fred Robsahm and Silvano Tranquilli.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Angela is not happy about her daddy's choice for a new wife and does everything she can to destroy her stepmother-to-be. Original title: “Peccati di gioventù”.

SPIDER LABYRINTH (1988, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Gianfranco Giagni. Cast: Roland Wybenga, Paola Rinaldi and Margareta von Krauss.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Japanese. Widescreen.
Alan, a young American lecturer, travels to Budapest to locate Professor Roth who hasn't been heard from in months. Once there, Alan experiences strange supernatural occurrences from an evil Spider Cult. SPFX by Sergio Stivaletti.  $18

Director: Massimo Pupillo. Cast: Barbara Steele, Walter Brandi and Mirella Maravidi.
Language: Italian.. Subtitles: English subtitles. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer
An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways.  

THRONE OF FIRE (1983, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Franco Prosperi. Stars: Sabrina Siani, Pietro Torrisi and Harrison Muller.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. 16:9
Morak, the son of Belial, wants to ascend the throne of evil during an eclipse, but in order not to burn alive he must first marry Princess Valkari. Siegfried takes on Morak, helped by his rings of invisibility, to save the princess.

TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE (1988, Italy, 96 min.)
Director: Dario Piana. Stars: François-Eric Gendron, Florence Guérin and Randi Ingerman.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Sylvia, a model and performer in a unique music video, is raped by a powerful businessman with the help of some colleagues and their manager and then killed.  After her death, other people present at the rape mysteriously die. Who is it that is avenging Sylvia's murder? And who will be next?

TOP LINE (1988, Italy, 95 min.)
Director: Nello Rosatti. Cast: Franco Nero, Deborah Moore, William Berger, George Kennedy and Mary Stavin. Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Japanese. Widescreen.
Author Ted Angelo discovers an UFO in the Colombian jungle. When he tries to spread the word, he earns more than the usual disbelief: suddenly he's hunted by almost every organization, like CIA, KGB, the mob, Nazis... and even extraterrestrials - Those ETs obviously do not want to go home. AKA: “Alien Terminator” (not to be confused with the U.S. film of the same name which stars Maria Ford).  $18

VAMPIRE IN VENICE (1988, Italy, 96 min.)
Director: Augusto Caminito. Cast: Klaus Kinski, Christopher Plummer, Donald Pleasence and Barbara De Rossi. Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Japanese. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Rare sequel to the 1979 version of "Nosferatu, The Vampyre" with Klaus Kinski reprising the role. This time with long white hair. Revived by a seance, he roams through an Italian village leaving a trail of blood. Aka "Nosferatu In Venice".

VAMPIRE OF THE OPERA (1964, Italy, 80 min. B&W)
Director: Renato Polselli. Cast: Marco Mariani, Giuseppe Addobbati and Barbara Howard.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen (16:9) Extras: Trailer (French lang), Photo slideshow.
A theater troupe's young, energetic leader has secured an old theater in which to produce his new production. The theater's elderly caretaker urges the group to leave at once. A vampire is awakened and discovers that one of the troupe is the reincarnation of the woman who he once loved. Original title: “Il mostro dell’opera”.

YOU’LL DIE AT MIDNIGHT (1986, Italy, 88 min.)
Director: Lamberto Bava. Cast: Valeria D'Obici, Leonardo Treviglio and Paolo Malco.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.  Extras: Trailers, Lamberto Bava interview (Italian only w/German subtitles)
Somehow, a series of murders being committed are linked to a deceased serial killer. Interesting and rarely seen Bava effort backed up with a cool pulsing score from Claudio Simonetti. AKA: “Midnight Killer”.

WITCHCRAFT '70 (1970, Italy, 90 min.) Double disc.
Director: Luigi Scattini. 
Language: English dubbed (both versions). Subtitles: none. Extras: TV spot, Radio spot.
A look into the world of Satanism and witchcraft from Los Angeles to Java. See the strange practices of devil worshiping cults, Satanic weddings, necrophilia, exorcisms and lots of naked hippies from the 'flower child' era. 

This 2 disc set includes the original full length 90 min. version of "Angeli Bianchi....Angeli Neri" ("White Angel...Black Angel") as well as the more widely known re-edited, re-narrated 83 min. U.S. version titled "Witchcraft'70".