All titles in this section are $20 each unless specified.  
Contained here are various exploitation films from around the world. Some of which are mastered from European VHS releases and may have typical rental video glitches. The majority, however, are mastered from world-wide DVD's. 
In this section you'll find BLAXPLOITATION, BIKER, EROTICA, SOFT CORE and RUSS MEYER films. 

11 DAYS, 11 NIGHTS (1987, Italy/USA, 89 min.)
Director: Joe D'Amato. Stars: Jessica Moore, Joshua McDonald and Mary Sellers.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Full screen.
Female writer who as part of a book project has slept with 99 men . Her 100th unsuspecting “victim” is an American architect who she first seduces on a New York ferry and then begins a very hot and semi-kinky affair with despite the fact he’s due to be married in 11 days (and 11 nights). A love lust triangle soon develops between the writer, the architect, and the bride-to be.

ALL THE DEVIL’S ANGELS (1978, USA, 98 min.)
Director: Peter Balakoff. Cast: Gena Lee, Peter Balakoff, Diane Miller, Robert Bullock.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Horror mixes with porn in this 42nd St. sleaze-fest about a Satanist who uses an asylum as a cover up for his evil coven. AKA: “The Psychiatrist”. Typical of VHS quality of the early 1980's.

AND GIVE US OUR DAILY SEX (1979, Spain/Italy, 84 min.)
Director: Jose Ramon Larraz. Cast: Laura Gemser, Barbara Rey, Mila Stanic.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Finnish. Widescreen.
Oversexed English lad uses his trusty homemade periscope to spy on the cavortings of his upstairs neighbors, a couple of bi-curious nurses who spend a great deal of time in (and out) of their undies. A winner from that sleazy Spaniard, Jose Larraz (“Black Candles”, “Sodomia”). A romantic comedy written by Sergio Garrone, sleazemeister who gave us such swill as “SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell”. Mastered from a Finland VHS release. Has a few typical rental glitches.

ANGELS DIE HARD (1973, USA, 86 min.)
Director: Richard Compton. Cast: Tom Baker, William Smith.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Extras: Trailer.
In an unusual twist to the typical badass biker flick, this one has our grubby sleazy riders coming to the rescue of some locals trapped in a mine. But that doesn’t mean this film is family fare! 

Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Kitten Natividad, Ann Marie, Ken Kerr, June Mack.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer, Kitten Natividad interview.
Like most of cult director Russ Meyer's later films, his final ode to the superhuman bosom largely dispenses with plot in favor of episodic sexual sight-gags. The ostensible storyline, narrated by Stuart Lancaster in hilarious deadpan style, deals with the bedroom hijinx of small-town America -- in this case the fictitious community of Rio Dio, Texas. Junkyard worker Lamar Shedd (Ken Kerr) is in trouble with his sexually ravenous wife Lavonia (Francesca "Kitten" Natividad) because he can only achieve satisfaction through unconventional openings. While Lavonia proceeds to bed down the local garbageman (Pat Wright) and others with more standard tastes, Lamar is put through a series of increasingly silly "cures," including a visit to a chainsaw-wielding gay dentist.

BLACKSNAKE (1973, USA, 82 min.)
Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Anouska Hempel, David Warbeck, Percy Herbert, David Prowse.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
An evil blonde woman running a slave plantation beats her slaves at any chance she gets but soon the slaves fight back.

BURY ME AN ANGEL (1972, USA, 85 min.)
Director: Barbara Peeters. Stars: Dixie Peabody, Terry Mace and Clyde Ventura.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Extras: Trailers.
Dag Bandy is a woman with a mission; to find and kill the people who murdered her brother. She'll stop at nothing to get the job done. 

CALIGULA II – THE UNTOLD STORY (1982, Italy, 125 min.)
Director: Joe D’Amato (as David Hills). Cast: David Haughton, Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti.
Language: English. Subtitles: English during Italian spoken scenes. Widescreen.
The deranged Roman emperor Gainus 'Caligula' Caesar (12-41 A.D.) rules Rome with an iron fist and has anyone tortured and exectued for even the slightest insubordination. Mostly set during his last year of his reign, as Caligula loses support due to his brutal and crazed excess, a young Moor woman, named Miriam, becomes his lover while ploting to kill him to avenge the murder of a friend which Caligula was responsible for. But Miriam is torn between her personal vandeda against Caligula and her own personal feelings towards him despite his madness and debauched lifestyle of orgies and bloody torture murders.

CALIGULA AND MESSALINA (1981, Italy/France, 107 min.)
Directed By: Antonio Passalia and Jean-Jacques Renon. Stars: Gino Turini, Betty Roland, Kathy Sadik, Vladimir Brajovic and Françoise Blanchard.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
Caligula and Messalina stars John Turner this time as the deranged Roman Emperor, who is having an affair with his sister, makes his beloved horse a Senate and gruesomely tortures conspirators to death. His other lover Agrippina wants her son Nero to eventually become Emperor - and starts plotting his death. Meanwhile, Messalina (played by the sexy Betty Roland) is also plotting away with her Mother, in order to become Empress of Rome, and brings herself to Caligula's attention as a gladiator. Caligula falls in love with Messalina, who Agrippina describes as a cheap little trollop, but when she over hears a new plot to get rid of the deranged Emperor, she sets her lustful sights on Claudius instead, the next in line to rule. With Caligula dead and Claudius in power, Messalina becomes Empress and starts sleeping with everyone in Rome.

CALIGULA'S SLAVES (1984, Italy, 84 min.)
Director: Lorenzo Onorati. Stars: Robert Gligorov, Sandra Venturini and Aldo Ralli.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Greek. Widescreen.
Young, sadistic and uncharacteristically introspective Caligula falls for a black slave girl who serves as exotic dancer at his court. However, she's secretly working for his cousin who plans to overthrow him. Will love conquer all? 

CHRISTIANA, THE DEVIL NUN (1972, Italy, 102 min.)
Director: Sergio Bergonzelli. Cast: Toti Achilli, Magda Konopka, Vassili Karis, Jerry Ross.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: Greek. Fullscreen.
After a brush with potential death during a plane flight in a thunderstorm, Christiana promises to herself and to God that she will change her life for the Lord if the plane survives. It does. And she joins a nunnery where she has a very difficult time holding to her word. Lots of sexual escapades are going on in the nunnery. Original title: “Cristiana moaca indemoniata”, AKA: “Our Lady of Lust”.  Mastered from a Greek VHS.

CARNALITA (1974, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Alfredo Rizzo. Stars: Femi Benussi, Jacques Stany and Mario Pisu.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none.
A businessman cheats a count out of his seaside castle. He moves his sickly wife to the castle and while she's terminally ill and bed-ridden, he proceeds to freely philander with his wife's nurse, who actually falls in love with the cad, with his sexy blonde secretary, and with a young college girl, who is part of group students hanging around the beach whom he takes sailing on his yacht while his ailing wife and love-struck mistress are stuck at home. He gets his comeuppance though when one of the women he has wronged basically decides to screw him to death. She is the daughter of the old evicted count.

DEVILS OF MONZA (1987, Italy, 98 min.)
Director: Luciano Odorisio. Cast: Myriem Roussel, Alessandro Gassman.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Sister Virginia teaches and prays behind the austere convent walls. Her pristine saintly lifestyle satisfies every passion but one … she needs a lover! Her lustful desires are fulfilled by a villager who visits her at night. Soon after, when the cries of a baby are heard in the convent, a wave of murders spark. Original title: “La monaca di Monza”.

THE DEVILS  (1971, U.K., 111 min.)  2 Disc set
Director: Ken Russell. Cast: Vanessa Redgrave, Oliver Reed.
Language: English. Susbtitles: none. Widescreen. Extras: Trailer, documentary, interview with the film’s censors.
Cardinal Richelieu and his power-hungry entourage seek to take control of seventeenth-century France, but need to destroy Father Grandier - the priest who runs the fortified town that prevents them from exerting total control. So they seek to destroy him by setting him up as a warlock in control of a devil-possessed nunnery, the mother superior of which is sexually obsessed by him. A mad witch-hunter is brought in to gather evidence against the priest, ready for the big trial. Includes the often cut “rape of Christ” scene.  $25

HELL'S CHOSEN FEW (1968, USA, 92 min.)
Director: David L. Hewitt. Cast: Jody Daniels, Kelly Ross, William Bonner, Vic McGee.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
A soldier returns from 'Nam and learns that his brother-the-biker has been accused of killing the boy friend of the sheriff's daughter. Believing his sibling innocent, the vet takes over the gang and roars off to find the truth.  

THE HITCHHIKERS  (1972, USA, 62 min.)
Director: Beverly Sebastian. Stars: Misty Rowe, Nick Klar and Linda Avery
Maggie learns she's pregnant so she runs away from home. Before long she gets involved with some other girls on their own who have found a way of supporting themselves. She joins them in hitchhiking around wearing sexy outfits and robbing the men who pick them up on the road.

HONKY  (1971, USA, 92 min.)
Director: William A. Graham. Cast: Brenda Sykes, John Neilson.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
The story of a love that knows no color but is met with resentment from outsiders.

ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS  (1969, Italy/W. Germany, 83 min.)
Director: Roberto Mauri. Stars: Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Monica Pardo.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: None. Widescreen.
Beautiful young girls are spirited away to "Hell's Island." Here they are imprisoned and brutalized, in preparation for their being sold to an oriental white slave operation. 

JANIE  (1970, USA, 65 min.)
Directed by: Jack Bravman. Stars: Mary Jane Carpenter, Tina Grasco and William Dunnett.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
After making love with her father, Janie relates the day's adventures to him. She persuades her girl friend to cut school, and they are picked up by a man in a car. Janie watches the man seduce her friend, and she kills them both. Janie later stops at a house with a pool and, confronted by the owner, kills him and takes a sunbath. She continues her drive in the stolen car, runs out of gas, and is picked up by a lesbian. After taking a hot bath at the woman's home, Janie cuts her throat. Janie returns to her father's house, kills his mistress, Roberta, and puts the body in the bathtub. Janie's father does not believe her story until he receives a call from Roberta's employers asking why she has not come to work. Janie's father finds Roberta's body and realizes that his daughter's terrible tale is true.

LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG (1958, USA, 82 min., B&W)
Director: Paul Henreid. Stars: Mary Murphy, Norma Eberhardt, Sheridan Comerate and Michael Connors. Extras: Trailer.
Two sisters live in a dysfunctional family in a California town. The elder, "nice" Kim, was sexually abused and hates men. Rebellious teen Jill is fed-up generally and runs away, finding her niche as a B-girl and sex-kitten working her way to Vegas. Kim leaves her job and goes in search of Jill, meeting her own misadventures en route; but by this time Jill's wanted for robbery. Will she live fast and die young? Taken from a rare TV airing. No commercial interruptions. Very good quality.  

LORNA (1963, USA, 80 min., B&W)
Director: Russ Meyer. Stars: Lorna Maitland, Mark Bradley and James Rucker.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
Lorna has been married to Jim for a year, but still hasn’t been satisfied sexually. While Jim is working at the salt mine, she is raped by an escaped convict, but falls in lust with him. Meanwhile Jim’s buddies are giving him a hard time about Lorna’s supposed infidelity, not realizing how close to the mark they really are. Trouble starts when Jim gets home early from work because it’s their anniversary.

THE LONERS  (1972, USA, 79 min.)
Director: Sutten Roley. Stars: Dean Stockwell, Patricia Stich, Scotty Brady and Gloria Grahame.
16:9 Widescreen. Extras: Trailer.
On his motorcycle Stein, a half-blood Indian, tries to stay out of the hands of the police, who are chasing him for accidentally killing a cop. Together with his friend Alan and a beautiful but desperate girl Stein will get involved in a robbery and more death. The police intensify the search, but the three won't give up that easily. 16:9 Widescreen.  

LUCREZIA GIOVANE (1974, Italy, 80 min.)
Director: Luciano Ercoli. Stars: Simonetta Stefanelli, Massimo Foschi and Ettore Manni.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Simonetta Stefanelli performers as the pitiless Lucrezia Borgia in Luciano Ercoli's take on the Borgia household. During the early 15th century, Italy is governed by the mighty Borgia family, headed by Cesar Borgia and his sister Lucrezia. In a ruthless power play, Cesare plots to have his sister's spouse murdered. But lacking her brother's understanding, Lucretia has taken a durable lover who will challenge the Borgias, but Cesar's love for her will once again contribute to the decline of Lucrezia's partner and unite the two in an incestuous connection.

MAMA'S DIRTY GIRLS (1974, USA, 82 min.)
Director: John Hayes. Stars: Gloria Grahame, Candice Rialson and Paul Lambert.
Gloria Grahame and Candice Rialson star in this exploitation rarity about a woman and her three daughters who murder men for money.

MONDO TOPLESS (1966, USA, 61 min.)
Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Babette Bardot, Pat Barringer and Darlene Grey.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailer + Russ Meyer interview.
No words to describe this. It’s nudity, nudity and more nudity. It’s BOOBIES!! Lots and lots of boobies! Entertaining.

MUDHONEY (1965, USA, 93 min., B&W)
Director: Russ Meyer. Stars: Hal Hopper, Antoinette Cristiani and John Furlong.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
It’s 1933, in the midst of the Depression and Prohibition. Calif, a stranger with a past walks into Spooner, Missouri on his way from Michigan to California. He hires on with Lute Wade to earn some traveling money, but gets entangled in a bad family situation: Lute’s daughter is married to Sidney, a good-for-nothing drunk that frequents the rural equivalent of a whorehouse and beats his wife and is just waiting for Lute to kick the bucket to get his money. When Sidney and a local wacko preacher begin orchestrating a smear campaign against Calif, he finds it difficult to conceal his past and his growing affection for Sidney’s wife.

NAKED OBSESSION (1990, USA, 85 min.)
Director: Dan Golden. Stars: William Katt, Rick Dean and Maria Ford.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen 4:3 Extras: Trailer.
Franklin Carlisle ( WILLIAM KATT) is about to experience the strangest, sexiest and deadliest night of his life. He's a city councilman running for mayor, and he figures you can't clean up a city unless you know where it's dirty. On the way home from work, he drives through one of the worst sections of town where he's mugged and left unconscious. But a mysterious and charismatic alley dweller named Sam (RICK DEAN) comes to his rescue and introduces Franklin to the forbidden pleasures of the Ying Yang Bar. Seduced by a beautiful, young stripper, Franklin descends into an erotic world of unbridled passion and naked obsession. Soon, people around him start dying and mayorial candidate Franklin has to stop running for mayor and start running for his life! 

THE NUDE PRINCESS (1976, Italy, 94 min.)
Director: Cesare Canevari. Cast: Ajita Wilson, Tina Aumont, Luigi Pistilli and Jho Jenkins.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English. Widescreen.
Cult movie actress and real life transsexual, Ajita Wilson stars as an African diplomat who goes to Milan to head a trade delegation. But we eventually learn the secrets of her racy past as lust unfolds in almost every scene.

THE PEACE KILLERS  (1971, USA, 88 min.)
Director: Douglas Shwartz. Cast: Clint Ritchie, Jess Walton, Paul Prokop and Lavelle Roby.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
Kristy decided to run away from a dangerous motorcycle gang that she used to be a member of. Her ex boyfriend, still a member of the gang, wants her back. A brutal film featuring a ton of violence including a nasty rape, an unforgettable crucifixion scene and fights galore.

PICKUP ON 101 (1972, USA, 93 min.)
Director: John Florea. Stars: Jack Albertson, Lesley Ann Warren and Martin Sheen.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
An elderly wanderer, a sexy young girl running away from home and a folk singer looking for stardom hitch-hike their way cross-country, trying to get to California.

PLAYING WITH FIRE  (1975, France, 108 min.)
Director: Alain Robbe-Grillet. Stars: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Philippe Noiret and Sylvia Kristel.
Language: French. Subtitles: English.
Under the advice of a private investigator named Franz, Georges de Saxe, a wealthy banker wanting to protect his daughter Carolina, sends her to a rest home, which is actually a house of pleasure. The young boarders are delivered to sexual maniacs.

THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ADAM AND EVE  (1961, USA, 86 min. B&W and Color)
Director: Albert Zugsmith. Cast: Mickey Rooney, Mamie Van Doren and Marty Milner.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
A stranded Nevada couple, Ad (Milner) and Evie (Van Doren), dream that they are back in the Garden of Eden. Rooney chews the scenery as the Devil. NOTE: Our print is taken from a private 16mm which had color deterioration happening at the time of transfer to the VHS master. Scenes in color may appear reddish.  $15

Director: F.C. Perl. Cast: Angela Field, William Quinn, Sandy Dempsey and Cindy Summers.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. COMPLETE UNCUT VERSION.
Young Cecily is abused, ravaged, whipped and subjected to a relentless catalogue of sexual shenanigans in this tale of 18th century depravity. Poor Cecily is celluloid sleaze at it’s most outrageous!

PROBLEM GIRLS (1953, USA, 71 min., B&W)
Director: E. A. Dupont. Stars: Helen Walker, Ross Elliott, Susan Morrow.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
While awaiting his certificate to practice medicine, John Page takes a position the the secret reform school for rich girl-delinquents run by hard-bitten Miss Dixon. Page is forced to treat a girl called Mrs. Jean Thorpe, heiress to a large fortune and wife of athletic instructor Max Thorpe. He learns that the real Mrs. Thorpe is dead, and his patient is being kept drugged until she can come into the fortune, when Thorpe and Miss Dixon plan to kill her. His threat to expose them leads to his firing and Dixon's threat to report him for practicing medicine without a license. Page instigates a riot among the problem girls at the school that covers his rescue of the drugged girl to safety. Mastered from a non-commercial TV airing.  $15

QUEEN OF CLUBS  (1966, Greece, 87 min., B&W)
Director: George Skalenakis. Stars: Elena Nathanail, Spiros Focás, Thodoros Roubanis and Despo Diamantidou.
Language: Greek. Subtitles: English.
A very artsy drama about a model, Elena who is on vacation with her sailor husband, Vasilis. But when they get to their vacation hotel, she gets eyes for Alexandros, one of the hotel employees and betrays her husband with him. She confesses her feelings to Vasilis, and he abandons her. Elena soon finds herself torn between the attachment to her husband and her growing love for Alexandros. who goes with her to Athens. In the midst of her love triangle, she must also deal with her aunt, Marianthi, who suffers from delusions that WWII is still happening.

ROOM OF CHAINS  (1970, France, 69 min.)
Director: Gérard Trembasiewicz. Stars: Jacques Bernard, Evelyne Ker and Olivier Neel.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Strange French exploitation flick about a man who lives a rather unique lifestyle of having a wife, a gay lover and an obsession with torturing beautiful women. This is definitely classic 42nd Street fare.

SLEAZY RIDER (X, 1973, USA, 60 min)
Director: Roger Gentry. Stars: Jody Bishop, Roger Gentry and Penny Boran.
Langauge: English. Subtitles: Dutch. Full screen.
A biker gang seeks revenge on a sheriff and his family after their women are searched for drugs in a way that is not very orderly. Not a typical triple X film but more of a softer X hard “R”. Tons of sex scenes.  Mastered from a very rare Dutch VHS. Never got an official U.S. release of any kind.

SPECIAL TRAIN FOR HITLER  (1977, France, 109 min.)
Director: Alain Payet. Monica Swinn, Christine Aurel and Sandra Mozarowsky.
Language: English dubbed. Subtitles: none. Widescreen.
The SS puts a slutty nightclub singer in charge of a train car full of prostitutes whose "services" are reserved solely for senior Nazis.

SUPERVIXENS  (1975, USA, 106 min.)
Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Shari Eubank, Charles Napier and Haji.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailer. Clint Ramsey has to leave his job working at Martin Bormann's gas station and flee after his wife is murdered by psycho cop Harry Sledge, who tries to pin the murder on Clint. Crossing America, Clint gets sexually harassed on all sides by various voluptuous nymphomaniacs, and it all ends in a literally explosive climax.

THE TAKERS  (USA, 1972, 78 min.)
Director: Carl Monson. Stars: Fred Bush, Coe Bart and Dennis Troy.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
After a breakfast of LSD and hitchhikers, The Takers--two berserk bikers--decide to go upscale when they spot suburban housewife Laura and bachelorette Barbi, follow them to Laura's home, and invite themselves in: "We're gonna have us a party with some educated social-type broads!" And party they do until Laura's hubbie (Monson again!) unexpectedly shows up to settle things with some shotgun vengeance and... well, one of the goofiest, most startling endings of any motion picture!

TENDER LOVING CARE (1973, USA, 72 min.)
Director: Don Edmonds. Stars: Donna Young, Marilyn Joi and Michael Asher.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
Nurses, doctors, drugs, extortion, and sloppy gangsters offers plenty of skin make for an entertaining movie. Teenage nurses give love therapy. Lots of action when they try to straighten out the corrupt hospital staff. 

UP!  (1976, USA, 81 min.)
Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Raven De La Croix, Kitten Natividad and Edward Shaaf.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Interviews with Raven De LA Croix & Kitten Natividad.
It’s one plot twist after another in this twisted sex-romp from the king of the skin flicks, Russ Meyer. When a man resembling Adolf Hitler is killed with his own man-eating fish, a busty investigator named Margo Winchester arrives on the scene to find out just who did him in and why.

VIXEN (1968, USA, 70 min.)
Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Erica Gavin, Garth Pillsbury, Harrison Page and Jon Evans.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailer + Interview with Erica Gavin.
While her pilot husband is away in flight, Vixen decides to get her groove on with damn near the entire town! Among her flings are a husband and wife along with a biker. But she won’t do the biker’s friend because he’s a black man, and Vixen is openly racist.

WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR?  (1967, USA, 87min.)
Director: Joseph Cates. Cast: Sal Mineo, Juliet Prowse and Jan Murray.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Extras: Trailer, “LSD: Insight or Insanity” documentary narrated by Sal Mineo.
A busboy at a disco has sexual problems related to events in his childhood. He becomes obsessed with a disc jockey at the club, leading to obscene phone calls, voyeurism, trips to the porn shop and adult movie palace, and more! A police detective is similarly obsessed with sexual materials, leading him to become personally involved in the case.

Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Sammy Gilbert, Terry Taylor and Werner Kirsch.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailer.
A hilarious parody on the Hollywood western movie investigating the ghost towns of the west, a grizzled old-timer and the story of his town and how is died.

WRONG WAY  (1972, USA, 80 min.)
Director: Ray Williams. Stars: Laurel Canyon, Candy Sweet, Forrest Lorne. Full screen.
Two girls are driving home when their car breaks down in the country. They are kidnapped by a gang of drug-crazed hippies, and repeatedly raped. They escape, but soon run into a death cult who plan to gang-rape the girls, then kill them. Meanwhile, the father of one of the girls gets the police to begin an investigation into their disappearance.

ZEBRA KILLER  (1974, USA, 92 min.)
Director: William Gridler. Cast: Juanita Moore, Austin Stoker and Hugh Smith.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen. Extras: Trailer.
Three young women are brutally murdered. A fourth woman survives and identifies the killer as a black man with an Afro hairstyle. A note is left at the scene—”One down, fourteen to go”. The police are baffled by this cryptic clue and Lt. Frank Savage becomes obsessed with finding the killer. AKA: “Combat Cops”.

BLONDE BAIT (1956, UK, 71 min, B&W)
Director: Elmo Williams. Stars: Beverly Michaels, Jim David and Richard Travis.
U.S. State Dept aagent Kent Foster, on the trail of a murderous traitor, Nick Randall, hopes to trap Randall through singer/stripper Angela Booth, who has already promised to marry Randall on New Year's Eve. But Angela ends up in jail and Foster arranges her escape so that she can lead him to Randall. A lesser known Hammer Films production.  $15

GIRLS ON THE LOOSE  (1958, USA, 78 min., B&W)
Director: Paul Henreid. Stars: Mary Corday, Lita Milan, Barbara Bostock and Mark Richmond.
Vera (Mara Corday) runs a nightclub that's really a front for her secret operation: an all-female crime ring that's been pulling off heist after heist. The gang does a major job with the help of Agnes (Abby Dalton), a new recruit and insider with access to a bank's payroll. But then the nervous Agnes threatens to squeal, so Vera has her rubbed out. And when Vera's good-girl sister, Helen (Barbara Bostock), starts dating suspicious policeman Bill (Mark Richman), Vera gets really cutthroat.  Mastered from a non-commercial TV airing.  $15

IL CORPO  (1974, Italy, 91 min.)
Director: Luigi Scattini. Stars: Carroll Baker, Zeudi Araya Cristaldi and Luigi Antonio Guerra.
Language: English. Subtitles: none.
On the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, princess (Zeudi Araya), a beautiful mulatto, raises violent passions in two men, the mature and alcoholic Antoine (Enrico Maria Salerno) and the young spotted Alain (Leonard Mann). Alain falls in love with princess and they decide to kill Antoine and escape from the island. But for the two men, the sensual and cynical princess will only be the cause of death. AKA "The Body".

MIDNIGHT BLUE (1979, Italy, 83 min.)
Director: Raimondo Del Balzo. Cast: Antonio Cantafora, Vincenzo Crocitti, Christiana Borghi and Monica Como.
Much like it?s predecessor “Last House On the Left”, we have our typical group of bad guys—who are also escaped convicts— taking advantage of a group of attractive women.
Many „rape/revenge? films made their way throughout the seventies from all corners of the globe after the success of “Last House”. Most of them came from Italy, as does this rarity from director Raimondo Del Balzo who later wrote “Paganini Horror”.

MOTORPSYCHO (1965, USA, 74 min. B&W)
Director: Russ Meyer. Cast: Haji and Stephen Oliver.
Language: English. Subtitles: none. Fullscreen.
Three bad boy motorcyclists get kicks raping other people's women and generally being a nuisance. When they rape a veteran's wife, he takes exception and pursues them, teaming up with a Cajun woman whose husband they killed. The leader of the gang, a Vietnam Vet, begins showing signs of being a few slices short of a loaf.

HELL RIDERS (1984, USA, 88 min.)
Director: James Bryan. Stars: Adam West, Tina Louise, Russ Alexandrer and Renee Harmon.
When a gang of motorcycle thugs wreak havoc on a small community. a courageous doctor (West) seems to be the only man willing to stand against them. 

L'ATTRAZIONE (1987, Italy, 90 min.)
Director: Mario Gariazzo. Stars: Florence Guérin, Marino Masé and Martine Brochard.
Language: Italian. Subtitles: English.
Nadine, a sensual fashion photographer, is lured to a lingerie photo shoot at Victor's villa. When the shoot ends, Victor offers to play chess -- with the winner gaining control over the loser's body and life. English title: "The Attraction" and aka: "Top Model" (not to be confused with the Joe D'Amato film also called "Top Model".)

NAKED ANGELS  (1969, USA, 89 min.)
Director: Bruce D. Clark. Stars: Michael Greene, Jennifer Gan and Richard Rust. Extras: Trailer.
After being released from the hospital, a motorcycle gang leader sets out to avenge himself on the thugs who put him there in the first place.

THE YOUNG CYCLE GIRLS  (1977, USA, 90 min.)
Director: Peter Perry. Cast: Lorraine Ferris, Daphne Lawrence, Deborah Marcus and Lonnie Pense.
Three pretty high-school girls hit the road on their motorbikes during Easter break to journey to California in order to see the Pacific Ocean. Along the way they encounter junkies, rapists, perverts, hippie leftovers and, most importantly, a weirdo who drives a black pickup truck that has a skull and crossbones painted on it. The ending, sad, yet bizarre, may leave you wondering what the hell just happened...and why.

WILD WHEELS (1969, USA, 81 min.)
Director: Ken Osborne. Stars: Stars: Don Epperson, Robert Dix and Casey Kasem.
A group of surfers use dune buggies to protect their beach from a gang of invading bikers.