Since 1991 (yes, that long ago!), Creature Feature Video has been offering up rare and hard to find movies first on VHS then DVD and now also BluRay.  Titles offered by CFV are "MOD" (Movies On Demand) and are re-produced in the DVD-R/BD-R format in NTSC (North America and Japan) standard and Region 0  (no region coding).

All BluRay are HD1080p.  CFV does NOT do upscaling from DVD/VHS to BluRay. Any competitors who do that are jipping you.  HD quality does not miraculously happen when transfering DVD or VHS quality to a BluRay disc. 

CFV's PRICING:  CFV firmly believes in offering reasonable prices for the MOD offered within these pages (a lot of time and effort is put into the discs sold here). However, this is a 'specialty service' and not a high volume duplication factory.
CFV will never use cheap recordable media. And you will NEVER receive a plain disc in a little white DVD envelope. ALL of
the DVDs and BDs come with full color cover sleeves with full synopsis and photos. They are certainly displayable.
Hours are spent just making the cover sleeves.

All this labor and money spent on top quality media justifies the prices you see here. 
We're not really worried about the competition. We've seen them. Many of them have bought from us. We're not worried. Remember, you get what you pay for.

SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA:  Shipping cost for a purchase of only 1 DVD/BD is $3.50 (First Class). 
Orders of 2 or more discs is FREE SHIPPING.   

Orders are shipped 1 to 3 days from date of purchase (this is due to my full time job). There are days when I can ship out the very same day.  If you have any concerns about when your order will be shipped, please use the form below.  Shipping labels will be printed directly from my PayPal account (in order to save from lines at the Post Office) and will have an automatic tracking number which I can e-mail to you upon request.


1 - 2  discs: $10.00
3 - 4  discs: $15.00
5 - 6  discs: $22.00
7 - 8  discs: $27.00
9 and up  $35.00


1 - 2  discs: $14.75
3 - 4  discs: $20.00
5 - 6  discs: $25.00
7 - 8  discs: $30.00
9 and up  $40.00 

All shipping costs will be automatically filled in through the PayPal cart when you check out.

All discs (DVD and BD) are region free in the NTSC (North American) standard. If ordering from outside North America, please be sure ahead of time that your player is compatible with DVD-R and BD-R media and NTSC. CFV will not honor returns based on disc to player compatibility. 
In the event that a disc is faulty/defective, no need to send the item back. Just send an e-mail explaining the problem and a new DISC ONLY will be tested and sent to replace the defective disc. So do not throw away the box art.
If a defect cannot be corrected, or, if there is an issue with the image quality and you are simply not satisfied, you can return the item for a full refund of your purchase price + your return postage. Just e-mail ahead of time (use form below) to let us know you'll be returning an item. Refunds will be given when the item is delivered back to us.

Returns should be mailed to:
CFV: Returns
P.O. Box 681
Northford, CT. 06472