10/15/19 - New titles added to the NEW ADDITIONS section. 

9/2/19 - I picked a fine time to move from Connecticut to Florida as there is a major hurricane (Hurricane Dorian) about to hit the FL coast as well as GA and S.C.

All of my sales items are already at my new apartment in Miami and I am back up in CT due to having 1 last weekend of work at my current job. It was not until I was back in CT for the final weekend of August that I even knew about the coming storm. So, now I'm stuck for a few extra days up here as flights are delayed/cancelled and even renting a car to drive down would be impossible since upper FL and the coast-line of GA are being evacuated.
My plan (hope) is to get down there Thursday or Friday (Sept 5 or 6) and get to all the current orders waiting to be shipped from sales on eBay, Bonanza, Etsy and this website. Please bear with me on this one. I never take more than 3 days to ship items but this time I need a little extra time due to the circumstances. Thank you.

8/13/19 - Don't forget to check CFV's eBay store where many seclectd titles will be discounted compared to website prices. But also, don't forget that here you get FREE U.S. shipping on orders of 2 or more. 

8/8/19- More new titles added to the NEW ADDITIONS section today.  

7/12/19 - Back from vacation. All orders from my eBay listings, Etsy listings, Bonanza and this website will be shipped this week.  I ask that you be patient as I received a ton of orders and have to get caught up.

6/30/19 -  Some new titles recently added to the NEW ADDITIONS section. Check 'em out!

06/25/19 - I'll be away on  vacation from July 10 - July 19, 2019.  Any orders placed within that week will be shipped out upon my arrival home.  If you want your items before I leave (7/10/19) please place your order NO LATER THAN July 9th.  I will be on the road early in the morning on the 10th and won't be able to process any orders until my return.

06/05/19 - Got the MADE FOR TV section finished faster than expected. All PayPal "ADD TO CART" buttons are fully functioning. The last section that needs to be added is SPANISH CINEMA (which includes films from Spain and South American).

06/04/19 - Currently working on the MADE FOR TV section. Hoping to have it finished by end of this week. Please also remember to see my eBay listings under my eBay user name: horrorfanforever71



04/18/19 - The PEPLUM CINEMA section is done!

03/16/19 - The WORLD CINEMA section is now finished and ready with PayPal links for Add to Cart. Next up: PEPLUM FILMS section.

02/06/19 - The EXPLOITATION CINEMA section is finished and fully functioning with PayPal "ADD TO CART" buttons. Next up; WORLD CINEMA.  Also, for those in the NJ/NY and surrounding areas who will be attending Monster Mania, CFV will have a booth there. If there's anything you'd like to pick up/have me hold for you to purchase there, shoot an e-mail on the form below.

01/29/19 - FINALLY! The 2nd part of the CLASSICS section is done and fully functioning with PayPal "Add To Cart" links. Next up I'll be working on the EXPLOITATION section.

01/24/19 - My apologies to all of you who ordered from either my eBay listings or directly from this website over the weekend of Jan 20th.  A mix of snow and sleet came through on Sunday that eventually froze due to tempretures dropping into the single digits. Ice weighed down tree branches that eventually fell and left many without power for 2 days. Once the power came back, Internet/cable TV lines were still down. I was finally able to get orders shipped out today, Jan 24. 

01/16/19 - Another section has been added (remember, I'm starting this website all over again from scratch), and most of it is done with working PayPal links. There's still more to come so keep checking back.

01/14/19 - HAPPY (BELATED) NEW YEAR (2019)!!! I was having technical issues and couldn't log in to do any updates but now everything's back to normal. I'll be creating the other sections of the site over the next few days so stay tuned. 

12/08/18 - Just finished up the BLU-RAY R section. There's a few that were missed and will be added later. But for now, it's fully functioning with Add To Cart PayPal.

12/06/18 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Today the ITALIAN CINEMA section has been completed (somewhat)...because I was originally going to put the PEPLUM and EURO CRIME-DRAMA's on the same page. I've decided to give them their own pages, so I'll be working on those next. But as of right now, you can order titles listed in the ITALIAN section. All PayPal links are functioning. Sorry for the long process but listing all the titles I have is a day's work. There even may possibly be a few Italian titles I missed in my listing. If I notice I've missed something, I'll get back to it. But for now I want to focus on finishing all the other sections of the CFV website. Thank you for your patience. And remember, in the meantime, you can always check out my eBay store listings.

10/31/18 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The MEXICAN CINEMA section is complete and fully functioning (the rest coming soon.)
Go ahead and use the PayPal "Add To Cart" buttons and begin shopping for your favorite Mexi-horror classics.  And remember, U.S. customers, shipping is FREE on orders of 2 or more items. Sorry I cannot offer free shipping on my eBay listings but that's because of all the fees I get charged from them. So, once you experience CFV via eBay, come shop the official site. There will always be more titles here than on my eBay listings.

09/30/18 - A whole new CFV site is currently in the works and will be available shortly. In the meantime, please see my eBay Store listings here: CREATURE FEATURE VIDEOS EBAY STORE

10/25/18 - CFV has been at Monster Bash and CT Horror Fest in 2018.
Our next convention stop will be at Monster Mania  March 2019.  Please come by and see us.

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